The Role of Immigration Agents in 820 Visa Applications

Many people that are interested in migrating to Australia for all kinds of reasons, soon discover that it can be a lengthy and difficult process. It’s entirely possible to garner all the information required online, but in reality, that is a bad choice for most people. The most common problem encountered is a lack of any real information mixed with opinion and plain bad advice. In reality, the immigration landscape is in constant flux, and it’s a full time job trying to stay relevant in that environment. This is the reason why many people opt to use an immigration agent to ensure that the process runs smoothly.

Why Choose an Immigration Agent?

As we’ve stated, the rules can be very complex for a layman to understand and they quite often change according to the needs of the country. If they are seeking an 820 visa, Australia bound people without the correct documentation will fail in their application. When you use an immigration agent, the process runs more smoothly for a number of reasons. Firstly, as experienced agents, you can virtually guarantee that they have encountered your particular situation before and know how to handle things effectively. Secondly, they are acting as your agent and have your best interests in mind, if a problem arises they will be available to offer valuable advice. Lastly, there is expediency to consider; an immigration agent will be on hand to check your forms for errors and tell you what you need to do. This will speed up the process a great deal and avoid costly mistakes that could set back your plans significantly.

How Do You Choose an Immigration Agent?

The first thing to realise is that there are unscrupulous people out there posing as immigration agents that will try and con you without offering any help at all. For this reason, all officially recognised immigration agents must be a registered agent in the country they are based in. They will have the correct qualifications and experience to handle your application, and they may even specialise in different kinds of immigration. Don’t be frightened to ask for qualifications and any other questions you can think of. It may be tempting to choose a cheap immigration agent, but cheaper agents are far more likely to be unregistered.

If they are looking for an 820 visa, Perth residents should contact us here at 888 Migration. We are experts in Australia immigration issues and our clients benefit from the advice of our immigration agents. Some aspects of the 820 visa application process may seem simple, but incorrectly filed paperwork and a lack of knowledge can slow the process down significantly. Get in touch with us today; we look forward to discussing your needs in further detail and answering any remaining questions you have.